All Inclusive Wedding Ceremony Package

All inclusive personalised ceremony package starts from £750 and includes:

  • Initial interview
  • Four ceremony elements of your choice such as:
    – Handfasting
    – Unity Candle
    – Sand Ceremony
    – Wishing Jar
    – Ceremony Certificate
  • Draft ceremony
  • Venue liaison/visit
  • The draft Anatomy of a Ceremony
  • Second interview to agree and modify the first draft
  • Completion of the finalised draft
  • Final interview and practice
  • Creation of a presentation copy of the ceremony and an Order of Ceremony
  • Officiate ceremony and be available for photographs if required
  • Contact via email, phone, text and video calls where required is unlimited

Additional Costs to be Agreed prior to Ceremony:

Travel expenses | Accommodation | Fancy/themed dress | Miscellaneous costs