It has been said of me that ‘you'll talk to anybody'.

I do. But, more importantly, I listen.

And, by listening to you I can help you create the ceremony you want and reflect on your stories about you and your partner or child, or of someone who has just passed away. 

It is really important that you get the ceremony you'd like, so we will work together to make sure that is exactly what we achieve. 

A bit about me…

I come from Norway and came over to study Design for Print and made England my home since. I live near to Holmfirth and love being in this beautiful countryside. 

As you can imagine, growing up in Norway with all its open spaces, mountains and fjords I find nature inspiring as well as healing, so I spend a lot of time in the outdoors as well as working out in the gym. You need to look after yourself – mind and body. 

So, if you choose to have me as your celebrant, I will create a ceremony fitting for you and the way you want to celebrate a life lost, a new life beginning or the joining of hands.