My name is Vince, I am Norwegian and came to England to study graphic design when I was 21. After a four year return to Norway I moved back to England and got a job in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, where I have lived since.

I have worked as a graphic designer for more than 40 years now and you might ask, why have I now become a celebrant?

In 2007, my life changed dramatically when my first wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought a brave battle against the illness till 2014 when she sadly passed away. In 2010 both my much loved parents passed away within two weeks of each other. These events meant that I had to prepare their funerals and write and deliver eulogies for each. Oddly, it was an experience I actually enjoyed. It was part of the process of honouring and remembering the people who have just passed away. 

On a happier note, I have also had the pleasure of planning and delivering speeches at both my daughters weddings as well as my own in July 2021. And, I couldn’t resist the chance to give a short speech at my son’s wedding too.

Through these significant life events in my own life I have learned that I love finding the true nature of the person I am writing about and be able to tell their story with everyone connected with that person or persons. 

Everyone has a story to tell and I am a good listener and passionate about learning about the people around me. I am very open to hear what people have to say and help them convey what they want to express.

With that and the experiences I have had with both loss and celebration in my own personal life I can safely say I understand what people are experiencing when they face grief or, indeed, happiness. It is not always easy to formulate what you feel so I am here to help with that.

I also know that I have a good sense of humour and I like to put some of that into my writing as well so, I can promise you a well balanced and sympathetic script for the occasion.

I now live with my wife Jane in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. I enjoy the outdoors, walking our dog, cross country skiing, when possible, as well as keeping fit.

I am looking forward to supporting people through happy as well as difficult times in their lives. Having experienced both myself I am well placed to offer the right ceremony for every occasion.

One thing I have learned is that whoever you talk to – everybody has a story to tell, and I thoroughly enjoy telling them.